15 febrero 2011

Working with blogs

Last week we had some problems to make a blog in blogger because you were asked about your telephone number.
In the Internet exits a lot of altenatives to write a blog, so we are going to use another one which is called WORDPRESS.
You can find it in: http://es.wordpress.com
The task you have to do for today is:
1. Register yourself and activate your account.
 The new blog must be called: your name technologyblog.
2. In the first post you must write an energy definition. Don't forget to write the links you have visited to do this task.
3. Look for the dashboard options and find in it the APPEARENCE. Change the theme (choose the one you like the most)
4. And include these two widgets: Blog Stats and a Calendar in the Primary Widget Area.
5. At the end, send me the direction of your new blog.


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